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Old News from the 20th CENTURY


Sometimes when I wake up with sharp pain in my right shoulder, I wonder if it was worth it to play twelve years of Sandlot, High School and College football.

Then I read, again, the website's "Working Through the College Days!" that is repeated below this.  Yes, I would do it all again.  I would not have attended college without football.


Working Through College Days!













  • A 1966 Cum Laude graduate of California Western University, Anson started his accounting career in 1963 while still in college, working part and then full-time as a tax preparer and cost accountant. He attended Pepperdine College and Cal Western University on both athletic and academic scholarships


     Anson was the varsity fullback for Cal Western in 1962, 1963 and 1964. "Number 30" scored 17 touchdowns in the 27 games he played. He led the Westerners in grade point average, rushing and scoring. Now Anson is your Tax Quarterback!


    Anson received his California CPA License in 1968. He founded Avery & Company CPAs in 1975, in Corvallis, OR. He opened the Spokane office on March 27, 1981. 

    Let Anson use his many years of experience to help you control your taxes and your money.



     Working as a team

    Team sports are the American way. Join us in the winning Team's Locker room where the Tax Quarterback will give you the GAME Plan to win the Golden Football.


    Tax Football







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