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Our Team is best! 



The TEAM is the Client and the Firm working together to generate Clean Books™.

We start with a CUSTOM DESIGNED system featuring a "600's Number" Chart of Accounts, designed by Anson Avery.

The 100's, 200's and 300's are for the BALANCE SHEET.  

The 400's, 500's and 600's are used for the PROFIT & LOSS (INCOME) STATEMENT.

We teach and support Bookkeeping, Taxes, and Cash Flow Management. You are never alone with our help.  We respond to telephone calls, emails and drop-in visits.

We feature Clean Books™ an easy system to reduce Bookkeeping time and costs.

Our Three Private Lesson Classes qualify for continuing Professional Education status for CPAs and other professions. We keep attendance and time records for our classes, as well as class materials. However, the main focus is on your tax planning.

Tax savings come after Tax planning. First you plan, Then you save. One of the best part is that our methods, Our Classes and  our work is a lot of fun.

Think about this system " HAVE FUN AND SAVE TAXES AND BE SAFE." This is the


That is available to our 



See The Sample Chart of Accounts Below:


Clean Books™  Chart Of Accounts

                       Assets                                                     Sales

            101  Cash in Bank                                      401  Sales

            102  Blank     

                    Liabilities                                                Cost of Good Sales


             201  Accounts Payable                             501  COGS

            202  Notes Payable                                   

                   Capital                                                        Expenses     

             302  Capital                                                601  Office expenses

            302  Drawings                                            602  Depleciation

            303  Retained Earning




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Our business and tax advisors provide professional, proactive and timely advice to you on accounting, tax and business matters while maintaining a professional atmosphere that encourages growth.
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