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 Three CPAs - Anson, Gene and Trent.

Gene Olsen, CPA

Of Counsel




Cowboy Gene Olsen, AKA, Clifford Eugene Olsen retired from regular office hours on April 15, 2015.

Gene has since become "Of Counsel" starting April 16, 2015 which means he is available to handle tricky and difficult tasks as they arise.

You may see him around our office quite often now since we have many clients with demanding and complex work assignments.

"Ride 'Em Cowboy."


Trent Snider,CPA
Tax Manager of AA,CPA,PLLC:
Trent was and is a FLORIDA GATOR!
You see many examples of Blue and Orange in our office .(Trent's timesheets are Orange.)
Anson's CPA practice took a powerful turn last January when Trent's joined the team. We added another CPA viewpoint to our system.
The whole CPA profession is built on the REVIEW (checking) FUNCTION which requires an Accountant to carefully do work which is carefully reviewed by another CPA.
Trent and Anson take turns, every working day on reviewing each other's work. This is the CPA system built and used for your benefit.



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