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Our tax blog is fix-the-irs - look it up for fun and laughter

about your Taxes!

You will also get data to use to manage your money By managing Taxes.

A good system  is to know and understand Your personal federal income taxes...



Start with                                              one of our TAX CLASSES…...

We schedule PRIVATE LESSONS for STUDENTS, who use an hour of class time to gain a lifetime of UNDERSTANDING of form 1040.

CLASS #1 is the SECRET CODE in 3 parts 1-2-3.

The One Hour Class Cost $100.

The SECRET CODE is revealed to you in the first FIVE MINUTES of the class. Pay Attention because this Advanced Class MOVES FAST

This class comes with a Notebook with each slide of the show in a hard copy.

Later you’ll be able to REVIEW  the DETAILS of the class including three pictures: “The Map of Taxation,” “The Tax Triangle” and “Proper Reporting.” Those Three Pictures are worth ONE THOUSAND WORDS. (EACH).

You can become an expert on an important 1040.

                                                                        YOUR OWN PRIVATE 1040.

                                                                                                                         YES… YOUR OWN 1040 is the subject of the class.

Call us to schedule your Private Lesson or other Tax Planning work.



Class #4 is Owner/ Manager in 3 parts 4-5-6. The Class cost is $100.

Class#7 is Deep Pockets in 3 parts 7-8-9. The Class cost is $100. 

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